Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Speed improvements, price list, improved fonts, and more!

I’m amazed at the amount of improvements that I have been able to make after having playtested Colonial Sea Trader. It is a much improved game over where it was only a week ago, thanks to the good feedback that I was able to get, between being put in to the situation of having the game ready to play, playing it, seeing it played, and getting some direct suggestions from people.

Most of the feedback I personally collected was in the forms of bugs. I noticed a lot of things that most players didn’t, like the money could sometimes become negative, the load time was huge, the fonts displayed were wrong, and quite a few other things I noticed by watching people play. These I made some huge improvements on, and I can say that many, if not most, of these issues are addressed!

I already wrote a whole blog article on it, but I’ve improve the loading speed immensely! The load time now is only a few seconds, as you can see from the below game dev vlog.

The other big improvement is the price list, which now allows for selecting items to be prioritized. I also did a few other tweaks to how it looked, and you can see an example below:

For the next week, I’m planning on doing streams both Monday and Tuesday evenings, working on improvements to the selling dialog, some kind of a way to indicate if the good prices are better, some tweaks to the pricing model, and other UI type changes.

Aside from that, the biggest thing I’m going to work on is if I only want to allow moving to cities, and what that might entail. I am increasingly thinking that I will only allow moving to cities and other points of interest, and not just traveling to any point, but I’m not completely sure. At the very least, I will only allow moving to a city if a city is within a few tiles of a city. Let me know what you think!

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