Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- More extensible with Lua

I’ve decided to finally make the plunge into a higher level of modability, and start working with Lua code. This came as a result of my mission XML code, which looks something like this at the moment:

Note that in order to do the math, I have a “mult” section and an “Add” section. It is just too complex. I showed this to a few people, who suggested I work towards adding full scripting support for these variables.

After looking around at the options, I decided to go with Lua for coding support, and specifically MoonSharp. I haven’t done a whole lot yet, but it is coming along. I’ve managed to execute some code, and get it to return the name of a city. I’m still very much trying to decide how to make it work, but it is coming along.

I’ve had this on my todo list for some time. The conditions and tutorial stuff have been something I’ve wanted to have scripting support to enable for a while. I’m going to start with missions, but slowly over time allow for other things to use the Lua scripting, as I will have the base support to allow for it easier.

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