Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Improving the distribution of mountains, temperature.

I started a project this week that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve wanted to visualize how my world appears in terms of the key parameters I generate, namely the Altitude, Temperature, and Moisture, and to a lesser extend Wind. In so doing, I set a system to save an image of the world, which I likely will use in other places, likely for doing pre-generated worlds. Such an image looks like the following:

A typical world looks somewhat like this:

Basically I made the distribution of mountain peaks follow more of an exponential decay, such that the highest peaks are quite rare, leaving most of the land quite flat. Before the terrain was much more uniform, only slightly tapering off at the higher elevations. In other words, I tried to make it look something like this (For the above sea levels, at least)



The temperature mostly follows the latitude, but I have a parameter to tweak it by a number of degrees per km of altitude. Currently I have that set to 7, and I basically tweak it to preference.

Currently I do not have all of these parameters available for edit to the outside world, but I should be able to have them soon. Expect that coming soon!

Among other things, while do doing I fixed the bug that sometimes happened where there would be a very plain looking world, with little coastal features. While I might do a bit more tweaking of the world generation system, as a whole I am much happier with it now then I was last week!

The item of most concern with the world generation remaining is the fact that the moisture is still too high. I’m planning on working on that during the coming week, hopefully something will come out of it that looks much better!

I also did a bit of tweaking of the cost of goods, which should reduce some of the strange issues I’ve seen. Haven’t fully tested it out yet, but I’m happy overall with the way things are going!

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