Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- World Trade in the 1500s, missions functional!

Missions are now fully functional! I’ve updated the dialogs to process the new missions, highlighted the cities, accepted delivery of the cargo, and overall it’s just working well! I haven’t yet added passenger missions, but I’m quite happy overall with how the missions are working!

To help me out with some research, I’ve been reading a few books. The most interesting is A Spendid Exchange , which covers the history of world global trade. I’ve learned that, for instance, trade between China and Rome happened, although neither nation knew about the other.

The era that Colonial Sea Trader takes place happened between the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope by the Portuguese around 1488, and the discovery of the Americans by the Spanish in 1492. The period ends by the formation of the Dutch East India Company, done in 1602. The time period between these two events allowed for world trade, had goods that were distinct throughout the world, but was largely in the realm of individual traders, or possibly small fleets.

So how did the state of the world differ then? The key items transported in those days were rare goods, spices, silver, gold, silk, and other such items, largely intended for the elites, the royalty and such. There was some bulk goods that were transported, largely as ballast, but they were never the primary goods.

Okay, so how does that match the state of Colonial Sea Trader. Well, it doesn’t. I only have a few of the goods that were transported, and I really need to do quite a bit of changing to get things to work.

I’m still trying to decide exactly how to solve this problem, but the current thought is that I will have some traits that a given city will have, possibly with multiple levels. For instance, a city might have a “Desires Rare Good” trait, which will increase the price for rare goods of any kind. I’m not really sure how I’m going to make all of this work yet, but it is a thought.

The last thing that I’ve been considering is the quality of the goods. I’m thinking of adding some kind of a quality of the goods, and adding some traits related to the quality. For instance, there might be a trait where the people don’t care about quality at all. There might be another where the people will only accept goods of a certain quality, otherwise they will offer almost nothing.

For the next week, I’m planning on addressing a few remaining issues with missions, mostly to get the missions you have accepted listed, and possibly adding a confirmation dialog of some kind. I’m also going to add back in passenger missions, which should give a bit more variety. I won’t include the bring cargo here missions, those will need to be rethought after I’ve done my economy updates. I might add in a timed mission, where the goods will spoil after some time.

Going on further, I’m thinking of reevalutating the way that I do the economy overall. I think I’m going to do some kind of offline models, possibly even in a different language entirely. I expect that by next week I’ll at least have a bit more of a plan.

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