Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game- Refactoring Hold/ Cargo addition

While going through the Mission improvements I’ve previously mentioned, I found that my cargo hold just wasn’t cutting it. The system was very complex, has had frequent problems in development, and overall has just been causing me some headaches.

While pondering on this, I realized that I could improve the system given what I know now. I have decided to go ahead and do it. The result so far is looking much better so far, although it still needs quite a bit of work. Thus far I’ve managed to save a bunch of memory, make the processing and use much simpler, remove dead code, and overall improve the system considerably!

While I’m going through this, I’ve been adding unit tests to make sure that I get it right. While I have done some unit testing, I haven’t done enough of it, and I always remember when I do this that it starts to improve.

The bottom line is, the mission updates can’t really work until I finish the hold updates. When the hold updates are finished, however, everything should work much smoother, and overall just be better.

I’m hoping to have these updates done by the end of the year. My available time to work on this has been going up recently, and I expect to make good progress!

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