Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Partial Mission Integration!

I’ve been able to put a fair bit of effort in to Colonial Sea Trader this week, and I’m making some really good progress on getting the missions integrated. It doesn’t show as much in terms of visuals, but I am definitely making progress!

The main thing that I’m starting to work on is actual integration of the new mission system. I haven’t removed the old one yet, but I am slowly demonstrating the shadow functionality of the new mission functions. So far I am able to create a mission, and have started the code to destroy a mission when it expires. So far most of that is working, except for a bit of code that I can’t really add in to place until I completely remove the old mission style, which I’m not ready to do yet. Still, I’m content for now!

One of the things that I have done is to organize the localization code a bit better so the lua code can use the localization text. It is working, as is evident by the test mission code I’ve executed thus far!

I’m hoping to continue to get the missions working. As things are definitely loading from the mission definition file, I’m hoping I can finish the first mission code, and start getting the rest of the code integrated. I’m hoping by the end of the year I’ll have all of the missions fully integrated!

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