Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Mission Prototypes!

The more I look at extending missions, the more I am coming to realize that there’s a lot of key features that I’ve been missing from missions all along. It’s long been on my todo list to do an overhaul of the missions system completely, and I’m now going to take that on completely, as it was becoming increasingly apparent that I needed to do so before I could properly show the list of missions, among other things.

One of the things that I noticed in particular that I need is the ability to execute functions when I arrive at a particular city, and on a particular day. By so doing, for instance, I can have missions expire, which never was something that I have done before, and other such things. I can also have multiple deliveries required for a mission, should I choose to do so.

What I’ve done this week in particular is to start getting the pattern figured out what kind of data needs to be stored, how to store it, and what kinds of functions I’m going to need. It’s all very much down in the details grunt work, but it’s coming together slowly.

No pictures for the week, again, it’s pretty much heavy in the code. Will see if I can get something for next week.

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