Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Updated missions

I’ve started to work on the updates to the missions I’ve been hinting at for a while. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do in the first place! The current code for missions has a lot of switch/ enum/ hard coded things, that has been something I’ve been trying to remove or simply not do in the first place, yet the missions functionality has been in place for a long time, with little change.

Here’s a brief description of what my plan is for customization for missions.

  • End City- Can specify the city issuing mission, or some kind of criteria for selecting a city.
  • Reward- How much is the reward? May depend on distance and hold type used, and likely the amount of time it took to complete the mission.
  • Completion Criteria- What set of criteria must be done for the mission to be considered a success?
  • Accept Criteria- What criteria must be met to be able to accept the mission? This is beyond having the room to accept the cargo.
  • On Accept Action- What will happen when a mission is accepted (May take people or cargo from a city)
  • On Complete Action- Aside from the reward, what other actions will be done upon completion
  • Failure Criteria- What criteria determines failures?
  • On Failure Action- What will happen upon the failure of a mission?
  • Cargo Size- What size of cargo is required?
  • Label- What is the visible to user label?

I’m still trying to work on exactly what this will end up being, but this should be a decent blueprint.

I’m really hoping to have more time to work on Colonial Sea Trader this week compared to previous weeks. That being the case, I’m quite hopeful I’ll have a working prototype of the new missions function, along with some of the UI changes required to support it. Stay tuned for more!

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