Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Ship Info

It isn’t well supported now, but right now I have a number of ship types, each of which can have several configurations. It isn’t well supported at the moment, you can only upgrade the configuration if your ship is completely empty, which is very rare, but I will be adding more capabilities for this in the short term future.

In support of this, and continuing with the theme of configuring your ship, I’ve added this kind of information to the ship display.

This includes the model, configuration, and the number of hold units which are contained there, which should give good reference. Note that I also fixed the display so it shows the number of barrels of food/water used, and not just the total units.

Next up is a bit showing the status of the crew. It will show how happy they are, how long they can survive on their present rations, money, etc, and overall give some good information. That will be the top right panel. The bottom right will be the missions display, which as I previously mentioned is put on hold until I have rethought how I am storing the missions.

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