Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Improved table layout, debugging low food

This week I did a lot of bug fixing from my last video, including ensuring that food can be directly purchased. I added the ability to use a number of interesting emojis, and have started using them. I made the goods table scaleable to all sizes, improving the look at full screen. I improved dialog to purchase goods as well.

One of the biggest things that I discovered when I added the good tables was that I have a pretty severe lack of resources available. Despite the roughly 30 goods available, I was only using maybe a third of them. Why might that be, I wondered? To solve that, I did some diagnosis of the number of tiles produced of what types, and what the cities that were produced were. By so doing, I found that I had almost no grassland produced, where many of my plants are programmed to start, and lots of jungle and rainforest type land. In a word, my land is too moist! Also, many of my cities are made on islands, and I currently consider islands to be a different type of biome, which I haven’t done a lot with. Bottom line is, I have a lot of things to improve in regard to the world generation. This will be high on my list in the coming weeks.

There was one bug I fixed in regard to the world generation. I had discovered that the poles were no longer showing as covered in ice, as had been done previously. To figure out what happened, I looked at images from this very blog over the course of the last month to determine when the bug was introduced. Knowing when it was introduced, I could more easily track down the exact problem, and had it fixed within 10 minutes. Keeping a blog can have many benefits!

The biggest improvement was to my price dialog introduced last week. I added some darker columns to improve readability, allow for it to be scaled, and removed items that aren’t actually available for sale anywhere. The bottom line, it looks like this now:


One thing the eagle eyed might notice is there is one icon that looks quite a bit different than the others. The sheep icon is new. I used the fonts from the Noto color emoji to the mix, and in so doing find a few nice icons for use elsewhere in my game. The sheep was one of the ones added. I haven’t decided on a final style for these, but more that I am looking for a temporary icon to give me something to think about in terms of the final style.

I did another video. I’m going to work on improving these videos overall, but these early videos are teaching me a whole lot, including what to include, how to make the video production work, and last but not least, showing me bugs in my game that I might otherwise miss.

All in all, it was a productive week! This week I’m going to start a new dialog, namely an activity journal to show what you have been doing, and what is going on in the world. I’m also going to give the procedural world generation a bit more thought, and possible start using that!

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